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Grading & Quality Evaluation

Drive efficiencies in your inbound quality and evaluation process and reduce the risk of contaminated or rejected loads.

Grading and Quality Evaluation

Improving the inbound grading and quality evaluation process

Drive efficiencies in your inbound quality and evaluation process and reduce the risk of contaminated or rejected loads.

The inconsistent quality of expected material costs operators time, effort and money. It will affect production runs, upstream sales and cost you time and effort. But most of all, it will impact your bottom line.

To reduce the risk of inconsistent inbound deliveries, it is important to have a quality assessment system in place that manages the feedback loop with suppliers and automatically documents evaluations.

The AMCS Grading and Quality module, part of the Enterprise Management solution, does exactly this and more.  It holds suppliers accountable for the quality of inbound materials thus prompting the supplier to ensure the quality of their deliveries. This, in turn, ensures you pay the right price for the material received and do not overpay for sub-standard or any unexpected material.

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Grading and Quality Evaluation Fact Sheet

Module highlights

  • Multiple and layered quality evaluations that support the industry’s quality variances
  • A system that documents contaminants, moisture readings, provides a quality rating system, non-conformance information, container information etc.
  • A comprehensive audit process with approval and validation journey
  • A web-based responsive and dynamic module
  • Ability to configure and support a one-touch approval process
  • Automate and digitalise administrative and manual tasks

Example of benefits

  • Embed a proven and comprehensive quality process within your organisation
  • Support margin increase by ensuring the best price for the material received
  • Delivers accountability and proves valuable feedback to suppliers
  • Reduce the percentage of rejected loads and loads to inspect
  • Reduce administration and associated costs

Download the AMCS Grading and Quality Evaluation Module fact sheet to learn more.

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