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Partner Engagement

Digitise subcontractor processes to support business growth and profitability

AMCS Partner Engagement digitises the entire subcontractor lifecycle to provide a real-time exchange of information with the supply chain.  It consists of the AMCS Subcontracting Solution, designed to automate subcontractor (carrier) processes to support business growth and profitability.

Mitigate risk and digitise subcontractor processes

The AMCS Product and development teams have designed and built a world-class SaaS solution to mitigate the challenges associated with sourcing the right subcontractor, managing contracted jobs, reconciling supplier invoices and ensuring supplier compliance for customers across the world. It is a shift from the laborious and manual workflows to a fully digitalised and automated process.

The AMCS Subcontracting solution will dramatically improve efficiencies in your subcontracting processes and reduce administration and associated costs to impact your bottom line positively.



Create efficiencies in each stage of the partner lifecycle

The AMCS Subcontracting solution automates each stage of the partner lifecycle from initial sourcing to managing jobs, compliance and invoicing. The solution consists of three modules:

Data Exchange: The Data Exchange is a central integrations hub where job data shared between the waste and recycling operator and the subcontractor.

Operator Portal: The Operator Portal is used by the waste operator to manage their subcontractor relationships. It includes modules around Partners, Quotes, Jobs and Invoicing.

Subcontractor Portal: The Subcontractor Portal is used by the subcontractors/carriers themselves to manage their work. It includes several modules: Quotes, Orders, Jobs, Invoices and Compliance.

AMCS Subcontracting Solution benefits

  • Dramatically reduce subcontractor-related administration time, such as data-entry, file exports, calls and emails.
  • Drive margin by reducing associated costs
    • 60% savings on job admin costs
    • 65% savings on invoice processing costs
  • Streamline the subcontracting billing process with greater financial accuracy on completed jobs and automatic reconciliation of invoices
  • Reduce operational risk with comprehensive compliance parameters
  • Ensure your business standards and customer service levels with access to real-time service information and monitoring tools
  • Support the growth and geographical reach of your business
  • Gain valuable insights into your subcontracting network to support strategic planning

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